Team Project 2

For my second year project, I have been appointed the position of team leader for our team.

We have decided to create a game based on tower defence with a steam-punk aesthetic. As a programmer my role is simple; code the assets in unity using c# along with my co-worker.

So far in this process I have already encountered many problems such as a shader that Unity didn’t have. With the help of the Unity community I have created and imported a custom shader into unity that allows for the use of three textures: Normal, Specular & Diffuse. This has enabled us to create some very pretty, smooth, and shiny graphics in the Unity engine.

Being a team leader comes with other responsibilities such as keeping a track of Gantt charts and producing presentations for the team. Being responsible for the team, I also have to provide support to the team members. To do this I make my self available by any means possible for my team to contact me. I spend time with them observing what they do, suggesting ideas, and generally trying to improve their mood during the time that I work with them.

I provided the team with the tools that they needed in order to work. We have a file server available where we store assets. We also have a project Subversion repository which has been set up for the team to use (courtesy of Canal Side IT support) however, the SVN is primarily for programmers but can contain assets as well.

We have a presentation coming up to show a prototype, produce, and demonstrate it with a presentation on team work to our class and tutors.

Part 1: Draft Proposal (20%) Submission date Week commencing 22nd October 2012

Part 2: (80%) Prototype product and demonstration, written documentation, and presentation on team working. Submission date: Weeks commencing 15th April for presentations, week commencing 22nd April for final documentation Towers of Steam Prototype client and Presentation Final (accompanies the Prototype game) are available here.

Part 3: professional issues Pass/Fail On-line test available from: week commencing 12th November

We are aiming to have a reasonably playable game produced by April, providing that the assets are done in an appropriate amount of time.

Part 4: At the end of this year we managed to complete a playable demo and achieved an A Grade for this module. We are all very pleased of this achievement, I am especially happy because I was managing the team and getting us to where we needed to be at the end of the year with the thanks to the rest of the team for their continued work.

I’ve Attached a link to the playable prototype here -> click this link.

Team Project 1

First year of university, I dived strait into the course head first. Team Project 1 where I was a Joint Team leader for the first part of the development process for the first ever game that I had ever had a say in creating.

midnight deamer cover

So we as a group decided to create a game called Midnight Dreamer.

A highly interesting game side scrolling game where you take on the roll of a young girl who has fallen asleep and is plunged into a nigh mare, the game takes the side scroller genre and puts a twist on it where you have to walk backwards. The game is set in a dark and scary living room where the young girl has woken up and is basically miniaturised and now has to navigate her way back to her bedroom where she will be safe from the dangers of her home. The only way for her to traverse her home is by her teddy-bear that she wears on her back emitting a light source behind her.

During our 1st year we managed to gather plenty of art work and 2d assets for the game, including some programmer art for the main screen. Even though the game was never completed We still worked as a team, I produced Gantt Charts, presentations and documents that supported us though out the year of development.

Bedroom Concept Image

Studio 2 – 3D Render Core

Screen shot taken from within the 3d render core.

So this year for studio 2, we have to create a “3D Render core” or as others prefer, the game engine. It is the Core to the game allowing the developers to start placing things into the 3d environment including 3d mesh models such as houses, streets, lamps, asteroids, planets and so on. This will also include Lights and transparency.

So I immediately began coming up with ideas for what I could do, and the first thing that jumped into my mind was space! I love space, including my fascination with eve online, a MMORPG (Massively multi-player On-line Role play game). The game runs on a single persistent shard (1 universe) , where all the players interact with each other and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This gave me a firm idea of what I wanted to create, and it was certainly not going to be a MMORPG. So I set about and started searching for 3d models which I have found, thanks to Turbo Squid, and one of my class mates Vlad Ionescu. He provided me with an asteroid model, and a spaceship, which was absolutely awesome. So now that I’ve started finding models that I wanted to use I began to build my 3d environment. As you can see from the image above I am making progress in what I wanting to achieve.

Gaia Project

Back in 2009 I started the Gaia Project. The aim was to produce a breedable pet within second-life that people loved. I set out with a plan to produce some thing that looked like a Chocobo, A mythical creature from the Final Fantasy Series, Created by Square Enix.


A Drawn Chocobo.

This took a long time to develop, since my team and I were at college, But just as I went to university around October 2011, we managed to get a release out. It was great, and all things were going really well, We even released Halloween, Christmas and new year versions of the Gaia Birds. Around the same time, we moved on to other events such as a huge found raiser for a charity known as Relay For Life where we submitted a unique 2 of a kind single release Relay For Life pair of birds, the birds were then auctioned off by the event auctioneers, and the Gaia’s that we donated to the auction sold for $400 (Approximately £250). Some time after this we took part in the Relay for Life Walk. This consisted of about 24 regions within second life where we tried to raise even more money for Relay for life.

The Gaia Birds are still an on going project, with plenty more work to be done with them, including a current update due a little after Thanksgiving (2012) to give the genetic system a nice upgrade making the Gaia birds even more fun.

first Ice Gaia & its parents

first ice Gaia





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